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حال الدنيا

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you know something is right with the world when you watch football with a group spanning ten different nationalities yet everyone roots for turkey.

and you know something is fundamentally wrong with this world when Germany wins anyway :-(

remember Nigeria Vs. Italy 1994? remember how we almost believed.


when i was young and i watched this match (the final of World cup 98)

i have the feeling that i have missed something :d .

that something not logic happened under my eyes! , but yu must admit that it was perfectly played !. for GOD sake , france winning Over BRESILLLL , in a football match !!!. yeah something is definitly going wrong :((((

except in football brazil is not the underdog khales

sorry didn't get the meanning of the expression "underdog" :d

nb:yeap it's brazil not "bresil" :d

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