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عشان خاطر الخواجة بيسو

ركز معايا

عينيك معايا


أنت هتنااااااام


أضغط READ MORE ده أحمر و كبييير و جميييل

أضغط READ MORE ده أحمر و كبييير و جميييل


من هنا و رايح يا بجم لما تلاقي زرار read more تدوس عليه عشان تكمل قرائة التدوينة مش تفترض أننا عندي زهايمر و بقطع الكلام في النص و أنفض.

فاهم يا حمار؟

فاهم يا حمار

فاهم يا حمار

فاهم يا حمار أضغط read more

أضغط read more

أضغط read more

أضغط read more

لم أطرقع صوابعي هتصحي تاني




يا معشر مدوني مصر

blogspot خطر جدا عليكوا و بتعملكوا conditioning و بقيتوا زي كلب بافلوف لا سمح الله

الحقوا نفسكم و اهربوا على أرض الدروبال قبل ما blogspot تاكل دماغكم تماما

ya3ni eh "conditioninig" ya alaa?

I mean classical contitioning.

you know ring bell -> dog salivates

see blog -> assume full post on front page

want blog -> go to

that kind of thing



نكتبها من اليمين للشمال كمان مرة علشان الواحد مايتهوش

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...erom daer
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...erom daer
...erom daer
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و الله ضحكتوني خالص

قريت اللي كاتبه ابليس ففهمت الحكاية

ميرسي يا علاء بجد

من زمان ما ضحكتش

Feen kalam eblees dah?


I think it is called: "conditioned reflex"

howa el blogger w23 wala eh? howa 3andoko kaman keda ya alaa???

i have the same problem with drubal bardo but in the feed file, can you set it to put all the post on the feed file, so that i dont have to open your post in the web browser in the middle of reading my blogs on a news reader, it's very annoying, i guess, unless there is something stuped i did, like subscribing to a wrong feed, i think u have only one rss feed, right.. i also have this problem with word press blogs like amr and ahmad gharbyea

it's not a problem it's by design.

I setup the feed to and the frontpage to have only teasers, if you want to read the full thing you must visit the article page.

any rss aggregator should allow you to go directly to the article in one click.

mana wakhed bale it's by design but it annoys me to get away from my news reader program to the browser, and then back, plus another problem is offline reading, people who dont have an always-on connection, or i for myself sometimes read blogs on my pda, and i really hate it when i find a teaser and be not able to read it untill i get home..

so i urge you to reconsider setting drubal to show full articles in sake of these reasons, and the rest of us "conditioned minds" or at least the rss feed alone if it can be done..

what newsreader do you use? a newsreader should integrate a browser somehow really, only blogspot blogs throw everything in the feed and not all of them kaman.

offline reading is a reasonable complain I suppose, but you'll have to wait until I upgrade to drupa 4.7 cause at the moment the feed is tied to the teaser size, in 4.7 they're different settings and I'm not going to throw it all on the front page.

i use liferea under ubuntu, it does have an embeded browser, but it torture me with some arabic websites, i can't find where to change the encoding, so i have to open the links in firefox..

did you file a bug report?

but that's strange, what arabic website has rss and doesn't use utf-8?

and which arabic website has rss and doesn't inform the client about encoding properly?

in general the encoding problem needs two features, a default encoding settings, and a manual change encoding menu, file a bug report and ask for that.

oh and I didn't say it's a design problem, I said it's by design, meaning I like it this way.

though feed being tied to teaser is a design problem, luckily it's fixed in upcoming version.

I see u did not say a word on the disaster of As-Salam 98, when 1000 Egyptians die of negligence and poverty u remain mute, when 27 sudanese die in a clash with the police , u r very loud. What are your real intenetions ?

for very simple reasons.

the sudanese massacre I was following from people who where on the ground witnessing what was happening but had no access to media outlets, what we published was valuable information that no one else was publishing at the time (this is what I call citizen journalism).

then we published information on events organized in protest so people could join these events.

and finally I published my impressions after attending one of the events.

compare this to the As-Salam tragedy, I've no access to any information that is not already in the media, the issue is beig discussed and covered in great detail in media, at the same time no one I know is there on the ground, I'm not there on the ground and no one who is there is sending me information to publish.

no one organized events related to this tragedy so I don't have anything to announce.

and since I haven't been involved in anything related to it cause there is nothing for me to be involved in I have no stories and impressions to share with you on the blog.

you see this is not a newspaper where we have to cover everything, this is a blog where we write when we have something interesting to say (interesting by our standards at least) and when we have the time to do it.

since we seem to have a sizeable number or readers we sometimes publish writings and information gathered by other people, stuff we think is interesting or important that isn't getting much exposure, we usually try to work with them and get them to have a space of their own where they can publish directly.

for instance we stopped publishing stuff about the sudanese massacre after setting up which is doing a great job covering it and other horrors (including the beating of the As-Salam victims' families).

the events part is open to anyone to add to, just visit and add events there.

now do you understand my "real intentions"?

now instead of being an asshole trying to prove conspiracy theories or demand that others should do the work you want to see, if you don't think current coverage of the As-Salam tragedy is good enough why don't you get yourself a blog and work on it?

It is called Alzhiemer, not Zhiemer, AL is part of the name , it is not " The "

One more time


أسفين يا باشا على الغلطة الفظيعة دي.

هو ابليس عملك ايه علشان مش لاقي رده عليك وعموما انت راجل بتاع حريات ومناضل وما فيش داعي للظرف الزيادة علشان ساعات بيبقي اوبييييييييي

ابليس == خيال الظل

و عموما أنا لا مناضل و لا بتاع كبر دماغك.

I am the anonymous who asked u why u did not write about As-Salam. Very funny, u write about freedom and u do not excercise it, besides, why do u take the conversation level down to insulting, this is an absolute indication of weakness, u got furious cause what I said was true and u started to say " Asshole" wheather I am asshole or not what differnece it make to what I say.

Answer what I say beyond any personal matters.

I did not describe your personality, I asked u one question.

What are your real intentions ? and I guess your long long answer was enough.

Finally, how do u know that I do not already have a blog that discuss the disaster.

>u write about freedom and u do not excercise it

please elaborate, how did I not practice freedom exactly? how did I restrict your freedom if that is what you mean?

>wheather I am asshole or not what differnece it make to what I say.

none of course, which is why I answered your question anyway, I just like calling it as I see it, when I think asshole I shout asshole, if that's an idication of weakness fine by me, this blog is to express yourself not make me look strong when I'm actually weak.

I didn't get furious though, you are not that important, and it isn't the first time I got vague accusations and questions.

>Answer what I say beyond any personal matters.
>I did not describe your personality, I asked u one question.

I did answer the question, I explained why we do what we do on that blog and I explained why we had nothing to add about As-Salam tragedy, what is wrong with my answer? how is it not an answer?

>how do u know that I do not already have a blog that discuss the disaster.

I don't of course since you are anonymous I can't know anything about you. so I had to make a set of assumptions, my words are still valid otherwise, the thing is I see no point in trying to make people do what you think should be done when you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself. that is assuming you really care about adequate coverage of As-Salam massacre and aren't just out on a whichhunt trying to prove I'm baaaaaaaaad.

Again it is me the anonymous, I am trying to prove u r bad. In fact I respected your blog for long period of time, I assumed -wrongfully- that i represent what every honest patriot egyptian would think. I was wrong, u took it personally, and u r right cause obviously as u said, it is for expessing what u personally think. I asssumed that with your kind of comments that the ferry issue would be on the top of your list. Anyway , no hard feelings -at least from me- I had an assumption and turned out to be wrong.

But u have to know- whether u care or not- that u just lost support and respect from someone u do not know that used to respect that blog.

since it is someone I don't know, I find it difficult to care (don't need to know personally, but having a non anonymous identity and a comment history or a blog would have helped). and since it is someone I think is an asshole who is on a whichhunt it makes it more difficult to care. and finally since I've never seen no support or respect from you (being an anonymous person) I find it even more difficult to care.

however I'm seriously interested in understanding how my explanation of what gets published on the blog has disapointed you?

I didn't say the ferry issue was not personally a matter of great importance, I didn't say it is no priority ad requires no attention, I did not say that it didn't affect me.

read again, I said I had nothing to add to it, no useful information, no burning emotions that where not already expressed elsewhere. no pent-up anger that I had to let out, no events to announce nothing.

you expect me to just copy and paste something someone else said? why I run an aggregator that copies and pastes what every egyptian who has a feed says.

you expect me to just say I'm sad, and angry?

you expect me to come up with a solution?

what do you expect exactly?

to repeat what we all already know?

now what I don't get at all is this weird statement

>u took it personally

didn't you ask what was my REAL intentions?

that sounded pretty personal to me, so don't you fucking act surprised when I take it personally.

>and u r right cause obviously as u said, it is for expessing what u personally think.

no read again, it is mostly for expressing what I personally think when I want to share what I think and when I have the time, but sometimes it isn't what I think only, I tried to list the kind of stuff we publish here based on the example you used (the sudanese massacre), why do you choose to ignore that?

anyways sorry for shocking you with the fact that blogs are mostly for expressing the blog owners' thoughts.

يا ناس يا مدعين ثقافة ، ايها الجهلاء انصتوا .

هناك قانون فى اى دولة فى العالم (يمنع توجيه الإهانات الصريحة إلى شخص ما). هنا سقف الحريات .

يعنى انا مثلا مينفعش اقلك ( انت خـووول يا علاء) ديه مش حرية فى التعبير عن الرأى، انا كدا تعديت حقى فى التعبير عن رأيى ووقعت تحت طائلة القانون بإنى أهنتك.

مينفعش يا ناس يالى بتدافعوا عن حرية التعبير ندافع عن حرية تعبير إهانة الاشخاص، فما بالكم برموز أحدى الاديان؟!

بلاش لفظ الاديان ده لان بيجى على الجرح ، لان فيه ناس كتير اوى من الى فاكرين نفسهم عندهم عقل وبيفكروا وبينقدوا الاديان ، مع انهم ابعد ما يكونوا عن ذلك .

المهم الناس ديه ما تصدق تسمع سيرة الاديان وتجعر بصوتها الجميل وحرية النقد والتعبير والنقاش .

ماشى يا عمنا انت وهو انقدوا واضحدوا الاديان بكل عقلانيه ونقاش .

بس الاهانة المجردة ديه يعاقب عليها القانون ولازم اعتذار رسمى عليها .

يعنى لو صحيفة مستقلة طلعت رسمت محمد البرادعي بيتناك فى طيزة وفى زبر داخل فى طيزة ، وكتبت على الصورة اسم محمد البرادعي .

ديه مش تبقى ميتين ام اهانة ، مش يقع دا تحت طائله الاهانة ويحاسب عليه القانون .

محمد (ص) دا بقا ملوش حق زى ما المواطن العادي ليه حق يا بتوع الحريات. انقدلى فكر ورسالة محمد ، ارسم ما شئت ما دمت بترسم بشكل عقلانى ، لكن ترسملى محمد على راسة قنابل ولا مفلقس يا عالم يا متناكه وتقولوا حرية رأى ؟ عجبى على حرية الراى التى تسمح باهانة الاشخاص

فكروا بعقلكم يا جهلة