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reseeding the 267 arabic ebooks torrent

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the torrent for 267 ebooks from 3ala el ma3refa stopped working when ArabFiles moved to a new server and deleted all their torrents.

I uploaded the torrent again and I'm seeding it, if you missed the books the first time don't miss them now.


ttied the new torrent, tracker still down..

I'm running it right now and it works fine?

and besides it got snatched 64 times and seems to have a decent amount of seeders.

try again, maybe you need to login at ArabFiles

your torrent isnt listed on their site !!!

you can make your torrent using azureus and choosing decentralized option and get rid of all tracking shit there is a small disadvantage in this,only azureus clients can use trackless torrents

keep up your good work and you spirit

Is there any chance to reseed this torrent? Anywhere?

I really would be so grateful if this could be possible, please note me if there is any chance, which tracker u will use.

Best wishes and my respect for all your work and your courage

I've download the torrent b4 from arabfilms but I'm stuck at 98% and the tracker says " torrent not registered " :(