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ملناش غير الانتصارات الصغيرة (الأرض لو عطشانة... بالعربى)

I spent the past 3 days in a daze, I did nothing but read, write, talk, listen and dream about the events of the referendum day, I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't study I'm in suspended animation, only the slashdoting and subsequent server blues got me out of this strange state.

thanks to all my firends who surrounded me the past 3 days, thanx for the support and solidarity I got from complete strangers, I just hope those who recieved real injuries that day got a fair amount of support and hugs.

I'm glad I was there, I'm glad I was part of it, I hope it never happens again but I suppose if it does I'll be there.

I guess after seeing the horros of يوم الفتاء my story becomes trivial, hell even the most horrible of our stories pales when you think about what happens everyday in Egyptian prisons and police stations, and as my Peruvian friend Alejandro pointed out, even this is nothing compared to what happened and happens in other places, but still its important to listen to all the stories trivial as they may be.

I was asked to rewrite my account in arabic, I rewrote half of it only though.

النهاردة رحت مظاهرة كفاية اتسرق منى اللابتوب، حياتى كمان كانت هتتسرق بس دى الواحد بيتوقعها فى المظاهرات لكن اللابتوب؟؟

النهاردة اتلم على أنا و أمى عشرات من بلطجية الحزب الوطنى و ضربونا.

البوليس كان واقف يتفرج، شافوا كل حاجة و متدخلوش، قعدوا يسألونى عن بطاقتى و أسمى و عنوانى و أنا بضّرب بالشلاليت، حاولوا يقبضوا على و يصادروا الكاميرا بتاعتى، لكن يحمونى أو يحموا الوالدة أو حتى يهشوا البلطجية؟ لا!

أبتدى بالفوران اللى جوايا؟ عندى طلب بسيط:

الناس الصغيرة

Alia Mossallam wrote this touching piece, its circulating via email but I thought it needs a permenant place on the web (guys stop using mailing lists already and get blogs).

UPDATE: Alia published the account on her blog no need to keep it here.

This is a personal account of my yesterday.

There was alot about it that was ugly,and i don't feel too great at the moment. bas there was something inherently positive and powerful about the whole experience, at least for me, that i would have liked to share.

الأرض لو عطشانة نرويها بلابتوباتنا

it seems it is my family's fate to loose its laptops in the fight for freedom and democracy.

yes I went to the kefaia mozahra today and lost my laptops, my pda, my usb key and my flash memory card, we're talking 12000LE worth of equipment and tons of data here.

I almost lost my life too but that you expect when you go to a protest, but my poor nibbler :-(

today me and my mother where attacked by tens of hired thugs from the NDP sham demonstration.

the police where there, they saw everything and they did not interfere, they kept asking for my ID while I was being kicked, they tried to arrest me and tried to confiscate my camera.

but let me start with the rage

dsc04595 dsc04598 dsc04597 more photos

more arrests

I don't really post news here, but since this is yet to be reported anywhere I'll bite.

القبض على نشطاء مركز العدالة وشباب من أجل التغيير
ألقت قوات الأمن المصرية القبض اليوم على ثلاثة من نشطاء مركز العدالة وشباب من أجل التغيير وهم د. جمال عبد الفتاح وعلي محمود ورشا عزب كما ألقت القبض على خمسة من أحد قنوات التليفزيون الألماني، منهم الإعلامية مها رضا. وعلى حين نما الى علم المحامين أن الخمسة الإعلاميين محتجزين في قسم مصر القديمة إلا انه لم يستدل

Ikhwan Online blocked??

Arabist reports that ikhwan online might be blocked in Egypt.

this is not the first time this happens, and one case went to court, the government never denied the claims, but the sites where unblocked.

I don't know much yet but one big problem with blocking is to prove it happens, I want to collect traceroute data from all egyptian ISPs to confirm and document, please help

$ traceroute
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1  router (  0.414 ms  0.336 ms  0.332 ms
 2 (  341.498 ms  301.400 ms  379.071 ms
 3  * (  615.741 ms  514.956 ms
 4  * (  527.554 ms (  478.521 ms

my own opposition (this is fun)

yes I got a whole opposition movement dedicated to me, and boy what a job they're doing, if only Egypts real opposition where on par.

mo7afez decided to appoint himself/herself as my full time opposition, I welcome the challange but would like to remind mo7afez أن الديموقراطية ليها أنياب.

today being a slow day I decided to officially start الحوار مع المعرضة by brining the discussion here on the front page follows are the comments and replies between me and mo7afez so far.

I would have loved to write this in the charactaristic gomhoreya style so that I'd have my national press bel mara, but alas my skills are not that advanced, only al-ropy can bring this enlightened style to the web.

mo7afez says

الصبر مفتاح الفرج

بحب قوى الكلمة بتاعت بره استنوا كتير

خد عندك مثلا حسب تعليق بيقولك

السعودية...2009؟ لا أعتقد. قرأت منذ حوالي شهر المقابلة التي أجراها ولي العهد السعودي مع صحافيتين فرنسيتين. عندما سألته إحداهما عن حقوق المرأة في المملكة أجاب بكل ديبلوماسية قائلا ً أن المرأة الأوروبية انتظرت كثيرًا حتى حصلت على حقوقها، المرأة السعودية سوف تحصل هي الأخرى على حقوقها، غالبًا في وقت أقل!ـ

برضه الحاج بتاع الرابسو قالها امبارح قالك أمريكا بجلالة قدرها استنت 200 سنة قبل محققت الديموقراطية مستكترين على مصر 20 سنة!! لسه بدرىىى

عاوزين حكومة حرة العيشة بقت مرة

Went to the Kefaya demonstration in Cairo today, not much to talk about. (photos

yesterday downtown was locked for the sake of Putin who is staying in Abdin, today the security folks invented a new technique to fight the mozahra, they had 10 black mercedes (هيئة سياسية) and a big bus with a banner saying Russian Press Delegation, you try to walk thorugh Tahrir square and they shoo you away with the excuse that the russians are here.

after insisting on going to the mozahra they searched my bag several times then allowed me to walk through the russian convoy, tab3an turns out there is no russian convoy the cars where empty (just an excuse? or maybe putin was in the nile hilton toilet wala 7aga).

Saudi Sexual Revolution

or almost? well not really that title is just to get your attention, but its still interesting read on

JEDDAH Star Academy 2 winner Hisham Abdul Rahman was arrested on Thursday by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, locally known as Mutawas, for creating what they called indecent gathering in the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh.

welcome star academy winners to the ranks of prosecution.

people keep complaining about how young ones are more interested in

Egypt on the brink of class war?

After Sarando Al Sadr and this time the farmers revolted and killed the landowner!!

Al-Araby Reports

من سراندو فى البحيرة إلى أبوشليب فى بسيون وصرد فى مركز قطور مازالت المواجهات مستمرة بين الفلاحين والجماعات الجديدة التى تحتمى بالسلطة وتحاول السطو على أراضى الفلاحين. الأسبوع الماضى كان الموعد لمواجهة جديدة سقط خلالها 6 قتلى و 4 مصابين على أرض قرية صرد مركز قطور
محافظة الغربية. الأحداث التى جرت فجر الأربعاء الماضى تكشف إلى أى حد نفد رصيد الصبر من النفوس المشحونة، واستعداد الفلاحين للمواجهة دفاعا عن البقاء فى مواجهة هجمة شرسة برعاية الحكومة لتجريدهم من مصادر الرزق والحياة.
لواء شرطة سابق ولا ندرى ما هى حكاية لواءات الشرطة السابقين وولعهم بالتنكيل بالفلاحين ويعمل حاليا مستشارا لدى السفارة الأمريكية بالقاهرة أغرته ظواهر القوة الوهمية فجمع عشرات البلطجية والمطاريد من صعيد مصر ليشكل منهم مليشيا خاصة به لغزو القرية وتطهير الأرض من الفلاحين، وما إن بدأ الهجوم بقتل إحدى الفلاحات حاولت منعهم من اقتلاع زراعتها حتى كانت دماء لواء الشرطة تروى الأرض حيث سقط قتيلا ومعه 4 من البلطجية المأجورين. ويمكننا القول إن إرادة الفلاحين انتصرت فى هذه الموقعة التى جرت أحداثها على أرض قرية صرد فأعطت درسا جديدا للجميع فى كيفية الدفاع عن الأرض والكرامة.

still wondering why freedom is a must if we're to improve our lives?

The Grand Islamic Experiment

the general belief is the moment we have democratic elections in Egypt some form of Islamists group (probably the Ekhwan aka Muslim Brotherhood) will rule the country.

and the conclusion is sharia law and complete annihilation of democracy and all liberties.

Hellmee in his best post to date finally conceded that delaying democracy until the Islamic cloud passes is not a realistic option

What do you think will happen when/if Sharia law does become the law of the land? What do you think will happen when the executive power used to enforce legislative articles and usually reserved to a select few (no matter how corrupt some of them are), now becomes an authority for public ownership (because, essentially, that is where it came from)?

Tangential Politics

I'm always surprised at the way media simplifies politics to the point of misinformation.

worst thing is even independent and personal media tend to take very shallow looks at issues.

take for instance the current debate about elections in Egypt, we are told that the whole constitutional amendment was a big sham because it was announced after voter registration period was over.

The truth is current legalization states that voters need to register to vote in Parliament elections, Shora council elections and local council elections. however you could vote in presidential elections using your national ID, passport or equivalents (professional syndicate ID etc).

so this must mean that we will be able to vote afterall?

انبطحوا جميعا انتم فى عزبة مبارك الأول.

been to the demonstration at mogama3 al ta7rir today, as usual it was a big mess, the thing was supposed to start at 1pm but the tagamo3 started early at 12:00 and had the police lock downtown early.

to top it off al 3arabi newspaper anounced that the demo would be at 2pm instead of 1pm (nasserists when will they get a brain).

it was hardly an antiwar demo, it was mostly an anti mubarak demo, kefaia decided to give this one a skip, why? who knows, who cares.

interesting thing this time was the pro mubarak mozahra on the other side, crew cut honest every day egyptians came streaming from central secruity (amn markazy) cars to organize a patriotic pro mubarak mozahra and accuse us of being traitors, they had some anti iraq war banners (all printed in the same exact type and material), among them was a monaqaba waering gold all over her arms (رقاصة محترمة مالكباريه للمظاهرة و من المظاهرة للكباريه) .

Why Democracy?

Mindbleed asks why democracy

So if the bane of our existence is in the condition of our nation, how will the 'ideals' of democracy translate into real improvements?

first it must be said, to me democracy is a matter of belief, with a democratic system there is always a way for people to take matters in their hand and try to improve their lot, non of us (and none of the experts) know how to solve all Egypt's problems but IMO it will be easier to live with the consequence of our choices than the consequences of imposed choices (just because they're ours).

this is not a logical argument, this is a hypothesis, a dogma if you want, something I simply believe in.

but I must say minbleed raises two good points:

  • the illiterate can never truly participate in a democratic system; one needs to be educated and a large portion of society needs to be involved in grass roots activities for democracy to be real, if 40%-60% are illiterate (and thats not talking about how educated the rest are) then how will they be able to choose candidates and form opinions about laws and what have you?
  • upper middle class types believe that if their needs are met then the country is fine; I can relate to this, I spent 12 days in South Africa and I was appalled at how such a strong democracy can abandon its poor in this way.

but apart from that I've got some answers, not to how democracy will improve our lot, but how lack of it is making it worse.

ما يجيبها الا نسوانها

50-90 Women from Arish held a protest demanding the release of their male relatives improsined with no charges after the Taba Bombing.

the women there continue to show courage, I don't know why this is not recieving media attention, even the blogs missed it.

as usual I forget about Al Jazeera, their horrible HTML (it improved besara7a) and lack of RSS makes it easy, but hey at least they didn't do like the BBC and put a photo of the bombed taba hotel with the article.

The Anti Mubarak Laptops

my dad (Ahmed Seif Al Islam not Al Bana) has a magical touch, any laptop he uses is immediatly transformed into a threat to National/Mubarak security, or so it seems. the poor guy lost three laptops in a few months, last one wasn't even his.

now considering how much money he makes out of pro bono work I can't even imagine how he managed to get hold of three laptops, maybe thats the new approach for amn el dawla bankrupt activists by stealing their laptops.

this whole thing started on my last birthday, we had a wild party and decided to finish the night in a feloka, so we left the flat at 2am but where back one hour later (the felokas where sleeping) to find the door broken, nothing was missing save for a mobile phone.

ok most probably a stoned theif or something, there wasn't anything of value anyway, but a couple of weeks later they broke into my parents house, this time they got a laptop.

ok we suspect nothing, just a theif, maybe the dog decided to do its job for a change and the guy freaked out, but yesterday they broke into my parents place again (not broke in, they obviously had a key) and ran away with the laptop, this time there is no doubt about it.

if only dad would listen to me, he should have installed GNU/Linux, the mother fuckers (literaly) are idiots it would take them years to figure out what to do with it.

here is my dad's response

request to appoint an investigation magistrate

Faxed to the office of the prosecutor general at 22:39:02 to fax number 5757165 on the 21st of February 2005. Also sent on the same day at 22:42:37 to fax number 5774716.

Counselor General Prosecutor

Cordial greetings;

The undersigned Ahmed Seif El Islam Abdel Fattah Hamad, lawyer, carrying bar association ID no. 88678 and am the executive director of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center.

Subject: Request to appoint an investigation magistrate to investigate the events of my following complaint

Against: Head of State Security Intelligence, Head of the General State Intelligence and citizen Hosni Mubarak.


I live with my family in apartment no. 5, building no 8 in Mab’uthin city in front of the Boulaq general hospital, which is only tens of meters away from the police station of Boulaq El Dakrur police station. Around 12 o’clock noon time my daughter left the house, using her keys to close the front door of the apartment. At about 1.30 a family friend arrived at the apartment to take his laptop. He found the apartment door unlocked. Inside the apartment he observed that all drawers in the living room and three other rooms have been searched, the papers had been messed with, the closets were open and their contents were all over the place, including the drawers of the beddable of my youngest daughter. He also observed that his laptop was missing. He phoned me from the home telephone. I immediately went to the Boulaq El Dakrur police station and met with the chief of police and one of the intelligence officers at the station and requested to file a complaint against the aforementioned subjects.

the officer and the cage (rants from the 8 hours transiter)

here l am sitting at the airport with nothing to do

i decide to do like Uniball and use the time to blog

i want to write something witty about airports but l just cant

just read the opening of Douglass Adams' the dark tea time of the soul , its the perfect airport piece

instead i bring you tales of torture

last week there was a hearing in the Helwan officers case (where police officers tortured the family of a murder suspect and raped his mother) as the judge was starting he called the defendant to make sure he was present, the defendant (ra2is maba7eth 7elwan) replied from the cage.

in Egypt any one facing criminal charges must remain in a special cage while in court, if he is in custody he is moved immediately to the cage, if she is free she has to report early and wait in the cage.

Anti Torture Demonstration

Today is the International Day in Support of Torture Victims, we had a small demonstration in cairo today, this is probably the first anti-torture demonstration in ages and frankly it SUCKED although the people where very receptive to the topic, should I be happy that we finaly had a public demonstration about this? should I be angry at the bad organization? I probably have no right to complain alot since I didn't help in organizing at all.

Oh well check the Photos.

Egyptians are actually happy their monarch is sick, some of the slogans where against the ruling family, here is a clip in divx and mpg formats.


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