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و الله يوم حافل بس معنديش حاجة أقولها غير:

اخترعوا دين أم السايلانت (silent) بقالهم زمن يا ولاد المتناكة، اتعلموا تستخدموه أو متنزلوش من بيوتكم


tab mate7ky eah elly 7asal

احنا مالناش اننا نستعمل التكنولوجيا :)

يا علاء متشتمهمش

لان دول ناس متطوعين في المظاهرة

و ما ادراك من هم المتطوعين

يعني يعملوا اللي هما عايزينه و محدش يقدر يفتح بقه

اسحب الشتيمة لو سمحت لازم تحترمهم اكتر من كدة

قبل ما تشتم

انا مش حسني بجد انا حسنى كده و كده

حد جاب سيرة مظاهرات؟

متاسف فهمت غلط

انا قلت برضه مش معقول تكون زعلان كده عشان واحد موبايله رن في مظاهرة

القصد موضوع رنات الموبايل دي حاجة عادية جدا

و بتعمل جو انت عارف ان الموسيقى هي غذاء الروح و الرنات برضه

طب انا هقلك على حاجة روح اي عزاء فيكي يا مصر

و هتلاقى الرنات الله ينور

عشان الميت يصهلل كده و تبقى روحه متغذيه

فهمت بقى؟

انا عايز اضيف حاجة على موضوع المسرح ده

انا عايز اقول ان كل واحد مات هناك مات شهيد في سبيل تحرير الثقافه من وزير الثقافة المنيل ده

انا لولا سوزان انا اكنت شلتهلكم من زمان

و ان كنت اشك ان اي زير جديد هيكون احسن منه

يلا ربنا يرحمهم و يرحمنا من بتوع الرنات

قبل ما تشتم

انا مش حسني بجد انا حسنى كده و كده

Fe eha ya 3ala ..eha elly za3alak ?

أنا بس قاعد في مؤتمر بحاول أسمع شهادات الناس اللي حضرت مأساة حريق بني سويف، و بحاول أمنع الدموع اللي في عيني و كل دقيقة يقوم فسل برنة محسمة تلفونه يرن

عادي يعني زي أي مسرح أو سينما أو مؤتمر أو محاضرة

لا و بدين أبوهم مش يردوا على طول؟ لا لازم تبحلق للتلفون و تشوف مين اللي بيتصل، و تمشي ببطء لحد ما تخرج من القاعة و بعدين ممكن تفكر تبقى ترد

بص يا علاء , الوسط الفني علي اد ما في ناس كويسة و باحبها موت بس في ناس مدعيين موت و مقرفين كما ن... و شكرا اوي اني انت رحت ...

احنا صاحبنا كان و احد من الضحايا

يا راجل .. انت جاي على دي ؟؟

طب لو انت فاكر .. لما جابو دكتور محسن مصيلحي الله يرحمه - في حوار تفزيوني قديم في برنامج تياترو تقريبا - .. في المونيتر اللي كان بيعرض مقتطفات عن حياة الشهداء اللي راحو .. كان في واحد قعد يقول

ايوه .. كان قلبو حاسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسس

يا عيني .. الموت بيناديه


لحاد ما انا اتخنقت منه بجد

وللا هانروح بعيد ليه .. مش في نفس الحفلة بتاعة التأبين دي برضه

- انا باتكلم على خفلة التأبين اللي كانت معمولة في الهناجر -

مش بسلامته المخرج اللاوذعي .. المخرج الرهيييييييييييييييب .. الاستاذ عاصم نجاتي .. مخرج الروائع ..

مش عرض مقتطفات عن الحريقه وجاب جزء كانو مصورينه الفرقه اللي كانو بيعرضو العرض اللي حصل فيه الموضوع بتاع الحريق .. وباين قوي حالة الفزع والرعب اللي في الناس وهي بتتحرق والنار محاوطاها من كل ناحية .. طب قوللي انت والنبي .. ده ينفع مخرج ؟؟

ده تفكير حد عاقل .. او حتى مجنون ؟؟

دي قمة الجهل والتخلف !! واللي غايظني اننا لما زعقنا وقولناله ان ده غلط .. قام قال ايه .. قال : انا مش مسئول عن حريق بني سويف !!!!!

منطق غريب في الحوار مع حد جاهل وحماااااااااار فعلا

سوري يعني لو كان حد يعرفه .. بس ياريت تبلغوه ما يفكرش انه يخرج تاااااااااني

بس بجد بجد يا علاء .. انت دماغك عاجباني مووووووووووووووووووووت

Alaa, could you write a post about Nora? Her bio? How did she become the inspiring lady she is? How can we get women in Egypt to adopt her model? And men actually... Next time you see her thank her on behalf of an Egyptian who had lost hope in his fellow citizens until he came across this wonderful butterfly.

I wonder why you chose this post in particular to comment on, is nora related to the topic somehow? :-P

cause I tried to find your email on the profile with no success, smart a** :P

yeah I need to clean up this site, set up proper profile fields so I can get to know abit about the regular readers, and stuff.

my email is published on freont page inside the blue mission statement thingie at the top.

Well I was at the doctor and and a husband and wife with their 1 year-old were there. The only way the father could keep his kid amused and quiet was buy playing his phone's ringtones. To make it worse it was a nokia which tend to be loud and annoying and he didn't even have the common sense to turn the volume down a little. I'm not sure people quite understand the concept of why the phone companies going the extra yard to put a vibrator in the phone. As for why they take so long to answer, you should notice that it is part of the egyptian nature to show off. Letting your phone ring a lot first means: 1) You have a phone. 2) You think you have a nice ringtone( doesn't matter if half the people in the room have the same ringtone, you wouldn't notice anyways) 3) You are the most important person in the world, everyone else isn't important, and you are announcing that this phone call is the most important call in the history of mankind( it doesn't matter if its Goerge W. , a terrorist telling you there is a bomb in your pocket or its your mom telling you to pick up bread on the way home).

Here's a project for you. You could try modding a hifi and hooking it up to your phone. The goal is that when your phone rings everyone in a 20 meter radius( in very noisy conditions like 3ataba) and 100 meters (in quite conditions, will here that you have a phone call. I can only think of two side effects: 1) Your back might suffer a little. 2) Some people will think the idea is cool and you'll be a trendsetter, meaning that if you want to maintain your sanity you'll probably want to move to Australia.

Manners are something of the past in Egypt...

Cool down my friend...Can you imagine they come up with manners exam before bying a mobile? and then the koussa will start and you will have to pay El Amin tips tp let you pass...

Can you imagine if they pass a law in Magliss El Sha3b that you must go a Mobile phone manners test before you can buy or use a mobile...This will be a good source of income for the Government.. Cool down my friend...Ma7addish Yestahil :-)

Read the Eighty Eight and a Half...

I dont think You mean to set the best example for egeption patriots if you speak in such language on the site or in mentioning that you went to drink a couple of beers (I was under the impression that you are a muslim,am I wroung!!??, so i think alchol is not alowed in islam ) thank you

you found out the truth, I don't intend to set up the best example for egyptian patriots, I don't intend to set up the best example for anyone, in fact I don't intend to set up any kind of example for anyone.

this language happens to be common among the majority of Egyptians I deal with, maybe I'm just stuck in badies land and all the people around me are اصحاب سوء, who knows.

dunno what gave you the impression that I am muslim, I never talked about my religion before and don't think I will start talking about it in the near future.

as for the beer, must be badies land again, I was under the impression that millions of people drink beer here, while I don't go around asking people what their religion is I'm sure some of them are muslims.

Dear Dr. Anonymous,

There is a multitude of different believes in Egypt, I am Egyptian and you cannot deny me my nationality because of my believes, simply because you can't change the fact that God (who you apparently claim to know) created me as one, and because none of the other sectors of the Egyptian society denied you your nationality on the ground of your believes.

When are you going to learn to respect others and give them their space without intruding? At the end of the day you are just a human as all of us, stop worrying about others and get on with your life.

What “believes “do you adopt when you use such language?

Or what “believes “I want to take from you by simply asking you to speak in a little more descent language on your site that addresses the public (not a sector of friends you choose of course)!!!!

I don’t know what words I used that made you think I want to deny you your nationality!!!!???

I only worry about the image you offer by using such language ....why?

Because I find in you a fine bright example for Egyptian patriots.... so I was asking & giving advice as a friend for some one I think is trustworthy & must to keep this image

Sorry if I gave an unasked advice

Next time I will not intrude :)

first of all the above reply is written by a regular reader here and not be me, I wrote a different reply.

and feel free to advice when you want, the fact that I published, read and replied to your advice means I don't mind (maybe even respect it).

now to the reply.

why do you assume I adopt a certain believe when I speak a certain language? I'm using the language that truely expresses how I feel (being an lousy writer this means a limited choice in language and expression), when I express believes it will be explicit and obvious.

I'm not addressing the public, I'm talking in public, I appreciate it when someone listens, and I specially appreciate it when somene replies, but I'm not letting "the public" affect how I speak, actually when I write I usually have a single friend in mind (which usually determines what language will be used but has no effect on the level of obscenity).

don't worry about my image, I couldn't care less about it, it is enough for me to have friends who like me for what I am.

I don't think I make a fine example of a patriot, I don't care about Egypt in any special way, I live here, I don't mind the place, but I might migrate anytime and wouldn't worry too much about it, will hold the same believes, work fr the same causes, nothing to do with patriotism. not sure what you mean aslan by a patriot but most defnitions I know of lead me to believe that patriotism sucks.

trustworthy is not an image, trustworthy is a real thing, saying kos omak has no effect on how trustworthy I am.

and you still miss the fundemental fact that most of the people I know use this language occasionally and would love to use it even more. I'm just trying to say it like it is. why should I be polite to fucking bastards who attend a conference then don't bother to silent their fucking mobiles.

I usually read the blog agregator. Do most topic discussions usually stray this far from the original? I thought this was about people that don't turn off their phones' ringer.

I've seen a lot of people that claim nokia has the easiest software to use, but it seems a lot of people never find such features as silent or vibrator. Or is it not the phone's fault but the user.

I read Al30loom Magazine, which is a translation of Scientific American, I'd prefer the original bt Al3oloom is cheaper, and they had an article about scientists working on making devices smarter. Like it would know enough to not notify you of your SMS till you're out of the meating, and your phone won't ring in you pocket unless its someone from work if say you are in the office talking to your boss. Can't wait till phones know enough to not ring in cinemas :-)

you mean it is easier to teach machines to respect others than to teach human beings?

wha, never thought of it that way

now imagine letting those annoying mobile users loose on a wiki

أنا كنت في نفس المكان اللي كان فيه علاء واتبضنت فشخ من الشعب البضين اللي فرحان برنات الموبايل حتى وهي الناس بتحكي عن اللي اتحرق واللي اتسلخ واللي جلده وقع وهو ماشي !!! مفيش ذوق !!! وزعلانين من كلمتين علاء فش غله بيهم ...

قول يا علاء ولا يهمكش ... عاوزين متخلفين من أجل التغيير تتبنى حملة من أجل الفري سبيتش في مصر ... ويسقط التنقيح !!!

music do
music do
because the music do
and it reaching
inside you
forever preaching
fuck you till
a scream or whisper
hang over
twisted transistor