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باشا يا باشا يا باشا يا كبير

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ناجح ناجح بالتزوير


I’ve always considered the people, who walk or contribute in demonstrations strange or even aliens, when I watched their moves it was like watching an aquarium. I’m totally dry watching them from outside while they are inside soaking in water. Suddenly I was surprised to recognize my admiration to them and to their brave confident steps on the other side it revealed my cowardice, oh my god I wish I was there with them walking, shouting, getting the heat out and expressing what I think, what I believe in .only at this stage I’ll be inside the aquarium swimming with them, then and only then ill regain my self respect when I succeed to defeat my fears and overcome my worries. Dear all the creatures inside the aquarium u r better than me, u r brave enough .to all of u I give my respect. simo