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WTF closed intermittently

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how could it be closed if you're reading this message on that my dear reader is the kind of existentialist question fucking journalists at the IRIN News (the UN Office for the coordination of Humanetarian Afairs) don't have to deal with because they're too bussy inventing news.

I give you this syndicated news item

Independent Egyptian bloggers have also been at the receiving end of such curbs. The award-winning blog has been closed intermittently, while blogger Abdel-Karim Abdel-Salam was arrested in December 2005. Both sites featured regular, often critical, political commentary.

how fucking difficult is it to check if a website is up or not, to call some bloody contact in Egypt or even send a frigging email to the bloggers themselves. next time a "professional" journalist asks about credebility of blogs and other citizen media outlets, please please please spit on his/her face. most of the information int he article is correct, but how could anyone trust them when they don't bother to do simple fact checking, I only know what's true and what's not because I'm personally involved in the topic, what if the news is about something I'm not familiar with? how do I know it's not pure bullshit.


I know the author of the article and have emailed a link to this post - hopefully they'll be able to correct it. Pretty silly mistake to make, indeed. But it'll just make you more popular in the end!

maybe you should tell your friend to find another job, because not checking facts is not a silly mistake, it means he/she is disseminating wrong information, it means he/she is being dishonest and outright dangerous.

but yeah I do realize it's good publicity.

And I think they wrote Abdolkarim's name wrong too. Not a matter of just a spelling mistake. It is Abdolkarim Nabil Soliman (a.k.a Karim Amer) and not Abdel-Karim Abdel-Salam. He was arrested on October 2005 and not December.

guess we should start a campaign to find another job for the "writer", he/she can't be enjoying the job if he/she can't bother to google.

and we complain about el Ahram

I am told the relevant editors have been emailed and corrections will be made, so future sites that pick up the IRIN piece will have the right info. Have you been tracking what Egyptian sites have been blocked and when? I suppose Gamal Eid has, anyway...