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george ishak arrest

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photo by Mohamed Zaree


Dear George Ishak

Nothing I can tell you from London,I wish if I could be in Egypt to speak to share with you and the others this events I wish if I could say nooooo please George by name of god keep going keep fighting and remember Moustafa Kamel,Ahmed Orabi,Saad Zaglool remember that you are a hero and we are in need of hero please do not scare you are in our hearts, minds and we all from London watching wht will happened soon god bless you and keep going.

Yours Masrawi ( Freekeko)

دايما الى بيبقى بيقول الصح بيدفع الثمن .... و مفيش حلاوة من غير نار و الاوقات الصعبة بتجعل الانسان اكثر صلابة و تحمل .... ثقوا فى ربنا و هو حيوفقوا( مسيحين و مسلمين ) لان ربنا واحد لكل البشر